Becoming a New Person - Silk Road Area

Friday 01 Apr

Our team is seeing the impacts of their work as a young man starts to change his life.

Roz and her friend had eaten, laughed and played together and at the end of the evening they had wonderful memories of good times with three friends. As she reflected later, her eyes welled up with tears of gratitude and amazement at the transformation occurring in the life of one of her guests.

When she arrived in the Silk Road area three years ago, this person was in trouble up to his eyeballs and was causing his mother and family all kinds of grief. She cried with his mother when he lost yet another job, or came home bloodied and dirty after spending a night finding pleasure in the bottom of a vodka bottle. She stitched and mended his clothes, torn in yet another brawl.

There was always something intriguing about this young man and Roz sensed that with some love, care and genuine concern, perhaps the ‘real man’ would stand up.

Our team offered him some odd jobs and when they needed more language nurturers for new team mates, he attended the training. He now meets with one of our workers every day teaching the local language. They are seeing a new person emerge! He is repaying his mother the loans she took to get him out of jail. She has lost some of the worry lines on her face, and is now very proud and protective of her son.

Is the transformation complete? No, not yet. There is still a long way to go, but we have hope that “He who began the good work”….   « Back to News