Accepting the Dust - Cambodia

Wednesday 20 Mar

Rob and Deb are focussing on what's important. 

Most roads in Cambodia are dirt roads which means they become very dusty during the dry season. During this time, dust becomes an unavoidable part of life for people in Cambodia. It gets in people’s clothes, eyes, homes, motorcycles and everywhere else. Rob and Deb have realised that for their peace of mind, they cannot be distracted by the dust nor the need to get rid of it. They need to accept it! 

Rob volunteers at the local primary school where he, the students and teachers set up a vegetable garden. Even though the plants and garden shed are covered in dust, a transformation is taking place. Last year the soil was dry, hard and barren and now it has grown softer and become more fruitful. Vegetables are growing and children are choosing to work in the garden. It has created interest in the community and beyond. 

In time, Deb and Rob know that rain will come and wash away the dust. However they also know there will always be dust, or challenges, that could distract them from why they are in Cambodia. Pray that Rob and Deb keep their focus off the dust, or distractions, and sow into the life-giving, important things they are planting.    « Back to News