Active Faith - Malawi

Wednesday 01 Apr

Mamma M's story of trusting in God.

Mamma M is a young Yawo woman and member of her village’s weekly Bible storytelling group. A few years ago when she decided to be baptised, she shared, “There’s things that I want to do in my heart as a follower of Jesus, but I’m not strong enough. I need a new Spirit to give me new strength so I can fulfill what God needs of me.” She was baptised along with ten others who were prompted to be baptised by her testimony and decision.

A month later, Intercultural Worker Tim noticed that Mamma M hadn’t been at the group for two weeks and he, Babba W and Babba T (Yawo faith leaders) visited her in her home. There in the small hut was Mamma M with her young daughter who had been badly burnt by a pot of boiling water. Mamma M shared with them that she initially didn’t realise how bad the burns were and after it became clear, she was too scared to go to the clinic in case they thought she was a negligent mother. She was a young mother who felt scared and alone.

They prayed together and Mamma M found the courage to go with them to the clinic. The doctor told them that Mamma M’s daughter would not live as the burns were serious, she had malaria, a high fever and blood poisoning. They kept praying.

In the weeks that followed, Mamma M demonstrated active faith through giving the situation to God in prayer... and walking. Every second day for the next two weeks she walked 10 kilometers to the clinic for staff to redress the wounds. Over time, her daughter began recovering and is now a healthy little girl. Mamma M praises God for the healing of her daughter and is continuing to regularly meet with the other believers. 
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