Back to Basics

Wednesday 23 Sep

Scott unpacks the ‘3Ps’ at Global Interaction.

Last week I shared in a teacher-parent interview on Zoom with my youngest daughter’s teacher. With Ada due to return to school in a few weeks in Melbourne, her teacher highlighted that the focus of Term 4 would be the “3Rs”.

Ada looked a little confused as she’s used to a lot of new fancy schooling terms to describe what my vintage knew as ‘reading, [w]riting and 'rithmetic.’ I explained to Ada that her teacher was talking about getting back to the basics after a long season of home learning.

Reflecting on this, I’ve been reminding myself of the importance of regularly coming back to the ‘basics’ in my personal faith journey, as well as what lay at the heart of our mission community.

I’ve just clocked up six months in my role at Global Interaction and what an adventurous ride it has been. I never envisaged 2020 would pan out like it has and in the past six months I’ve had only three days in the office. Yet, in the midst of many challenges, I celebrate the privilege of joining such a great team and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.

Time and time again – in the midst of the big ‘P’ of 2020 – the COVID pandemic, I’ve been reminded on the importance of our ‘3Ps’ at Global Interaction.

At our core, we’re a sending community – absolutely committed to contextualising the Good News in every place our people live and serve. During this stretching season we can be thankful to God for our intercultural workers and the way God continues to use them as witnesses of Jesus around the globe.

Over the past six months, I’ve been inspired by the passion, heart and resilience of our intercultural workers across the world and those in Australia waiting to get back to their teams.

I look forward to the day I can sit with our teams face to face, rather than on Zoom!

Each week, emails, letters, phone messages, donor lists and other information comes across my desk that highlights the power of partnership!  We can only do what we do at Global Interaction because of our partners – churches, families, couples, individuals and philanthropic bodies who are committed to supporting our workers around the globe.

I can’t say it enough, but thank you again!

I will never take for granted the generosity and dedication of our partners and I look forward to how we can continue to strengthen our partnerships as we pursue our compelling vision.

And that brings me to P3 – the essential role prayer plays in our ministry.

As a mission community we know we’re absolutely dependent on God and we’re humbled by the opportunity we have together to share in God’s mission around the world.

As we seek to be attentive to God and follow His Spirit’s leading, we remind ourselves of the words of Zechariah 4:6: Not by strength or by might, but by my Spirit,' says the Lord’

We’re so thankful for your prayer support, for standing in the gap with us and for joining together to pray for our teams, our workers, our vision!

Yes, 2020 has been such a crazy year – a very different year to what I envisaged. But I am so thankful that churches and supporters have been faithful in sticking with us. I’m so thankful for our people and our partners! I’m so thankful for you joining us in prayer!

Thank you!

Scott Pilgrim
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