Being Shaped - South East Asia

Wednesday 07 Nov

In their preparation, Pat and Joy are being shaped for intercultural ministry.

During the period of preparation for intercultural ministry, God is shaping and growing candidates, preparing them for their future ministry. Candidates Pat and Joy are preparing to join the team in South East Asia. Over the past year of preparation, they have experienced, and continue to experience, times of surrender, waiting and provision.
So much of intercultural ministry is out of the control of workers. From visas and the response of local leaders, to who in the community will be open to hearing about Jesus. Daily, intercultural workers must let go of control and surrender situations and relationships to God. As candidates, Pat and Joy are being challenged to let go of their self-sufficiency as they ask other to partner with them. They also in a period of waiting and trusting in God's provision. While they are working towards a departure date, they need to trust in God’s perfect timing and His provision to provide them with the full support they need in order to go.    

Pat and Joy write, “This season of waiting has helped our growing surrender and trust of Him and to wait patiently. To be trusting in His timing, His provision and His way! We can see this is a season of preparation for the growth to come. We know we will encounter these seasons again once we are in South East Asia. Waiting and difficulties challenge us to go deeper, take courage, stay faithful and to find joy in what is already happening in the midst of the waiting.” « Back to News