Believers Brought Together - South Asia

Wednesday 14 Mar

God brings two secret believers together.

A B woman connected with our partner NGO in South Asia recently shared with the group something of her spiritual journey. Mrs K grew up in a Muslim family, however as a child she had access to a Bible and began reading it. After some time, she became believer but chose to keep it to herself as she was unsure what the response would be from her family and community. A marriage was arranged for her and she married a man from another Muslim family. Still she kept quiet about her faith in Jesus. After being married for a while, she was amazed to discover a Bible under her husband’s pillow! He told her he was a follower of Jesus too.      

At the time they married, the country had a population of around 150 million people, with 99% not following Jesus. Praise God that He brought these two secret believers together! Pray that more seekers and believers will connect with each other and grow in faith and courage together. 

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