Looking Ahead - Cambodia

Wednesday 26 Feb

Team Leader Luke shares how the team is growing, learning and seeing God at work.

"God answers prayers! In answer to prayer, the team in Cambodia has experienced significant growth over the past two years. New team members are becoming established, and longer serving team members continue to grow. Likening our team ministry to a jigsaw, we are excited to see how all of the pieces will connect together with the Khmer people as we share life together.

Please pray for other people, like Mr D, to continue asking questions of faith and life. Pray that the people and families living down the road from each team member will remain curious and open. Pray as we consider what new projects to establish in Cambodia to help meet needs identified by Khmer people. Most of all, pray that the Spirit of God will help many of the relationships already formed with wonderful Khmer people to go deeper – sharing in life, hope and faith – so that Khmer people might experience God’s transformation as His Kingdom comes to this amazing part of the world.”
— Luke, Team Leader for the team serving among the Khmer « Back to News