Seeking Daily - Central Asia

Wednesday 15 May

Pete and Nomes are seeking God's guidance daily.  

"Summer here is hot and dry and winter is cold. Pete spends each morning with a language tutor, intent on improving his language skills and is connecting with people through music and sport. I am learning language two days a week and working as the preschool Team Leader at the bilingual international school where our two oldest kids attend. The kids are really enjoying school and are beginning to make new friends. We really value spending time with people here, dedicating time to developing relationships and friendship is important in this journey. Together we are exploring and getting to know this beautiful place and the people to whom God has called us.

Having lived here for a year now, we are feeling really settled and are glad we can call this place home, seeking daily for doors to be opened for us to share our faith. For now we are trusting that our lives as a family bear witness to the love of Jesus. Currently, our team is small, but we hope that in time that will change. Please ask God to raise up more workers, or even consider whether He might be calling you to join Him in His work among the H people of Central Asia."

This is an excerpt from an article published in Vision magazine. You can read the full article on pages 11 - 12 of the recent Autumn / Winter edition here (view online) or here (printable PDF). « Back to News