Chats Over Coffee - Cambodia

Wednesday 21 Jun

Over their morning coffee, Rob and Deb are building a good friendship with a local Khmer family.

Rob and Deb recently began the adventure of learning Khmer culture and language, based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Since arriving they have looked for opportunities to build relationships with local Khmer people who are patient enough to help them in their efforts to learn about their culture and begin to speak Khmer. Within a short walk of their new home they have found friendly and patient locals who trade fruit and vegetables and cook rice and there is even a family of coffee baristas!

Enjoying a morning coffee has been a routine of Rob’s for many years, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a coffee cart in his street that served a very nice coffee with locally roasted Cambodian beans. But the coffee has only been one of the attractions to frequenting the family’s coffee business! Rob and Deb are loving the relationships that are forming. Deb doesn’t drink coffee but, being a midwife, has especially enjoyed following the progress of the pregnancy of the coffee cart lady.

Both Rob and Deb have benefited from the young family’s help with Khmer words and sentences. Their cultural understanding is enriched by learning how this family’s aspirations are influenced by the unique opportunities and challenges of a life in this Cambodian city. Being welcomed into the lives of Khmer people like the coffee cart family gives Rob and Deb a real sense that God is involved in these interactions as they share some of their own life journey and hopes for the Khmer people. « Back to News