Children Meet Jesus - Malawi

Wednesday 01 Feb

One day after playing with a few local boys, Tim and Mel’s son Jarred asked his parents if they could pray for one of his new friend.

A young Yawo boy, Kalimu was having terrifying dreams of witches who would visit him each bold night. 

Tim, Mel and their family prayed for Kalimu. They also taught him that when he had these dreams he could pray in the name of Jesus for safety and protection. The next morning Tim and Mel found Kalimu waiting at their front door. He excitedly shared that last night the witches had gone from his dreams when he said the name Jesus. 

This little group that began with a couple of boys and a life changing moment now has 50 children and young adults regularly coming along to play and learn with Tim, Mel and local believers. These believers are being discipled as Tim and Mel share the message of Jesus each week.  « Back to News