Christmas Joy - Thailand

Wednesday 18 Dec

Glenn and Liz share the Christmas story. 

Glenn and Liz invited their neighbours over for a Christmas party. Here, Liz shares about the experience.
 "Thank you for those of you who prayed for the Christmas party we hosted here in our community last week. We had a really wonderful time and it seems that our neighbours really enjoyed themselves. We have learnt over the years that Thais are very creative and love to celebrate events with lots of food and good decorations. So we played some games and ate lots of food together. Glenn and I prepared the story of Jesus' birth in Thai along with Christmas tree ornaments with pictures from the story. Our neighbours helped us read the story and then hang their ornament on the tree.

We are so thankful that this celebration went well and for the opportunity to begin to sow seeds of truth in the lives around us. After the party had finished we received a message from a friend thanking them for the evening in giving the group joy." « Back to News