Come Holy Spirit

Wednesday 02 Feb

Global Launch 2022: Scott invites you to join our global community in dedicating this year to God.

In Zechariah we read: “It’s not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord”. 

As a mission community we are a Spirit people. We are empowered by the Spirit for mission. We are gifted and enabled by the Spirit for the different roles we play as co-workers in the Gospel together.

It’s my pleasure to personally invite you to our 2022 Global Launch on Wednesday 16 February from 5pm [AEDT], where our theme will be: “Come Holy Spirit”.

Click here to watch or download the video invitation >>

We held our first Global Launch gathering last year and it was a wonderful time to celebrate our global community and all that God was doing across the world through our teams.

This year we want to broaden the gathering to enable people like you - our valued partners to join us. Without your generous partnership we would not exist and so we would love to have you share with us on February 16.

Please feel free to spread the word and invite others from your church community and mission team to join us.

You can register for the Global Launch here:

As we continue to navigate mission in the midst of the pandemic, I continue to pray “Come Holy Spirit”. Each day I need the Spirit’s wisdom, guidance, comfort, peace, strength and challenge. 

Together as a Spirit community I invite you to join me at the beginning of our 2022 ministry year in praying this simple, but powerful daily prayer: “Come Holy Spirit”. 

I have found God can surprise me as I pray these three words. I have experienced the God of “new things” as I have prayed these three words. I find comfort and assurance in this short prayer. And I find as I pause to pray these words, I allow the Spirit to re-orient my life around Kingdom purpose.

Thanks again for your loyal and dedicated partnership with us.

Join us on February 16 and share with our intercultural workers, National Team members and partners from across the nation.

Grace and peace
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