Communities Transformed - Central Asia

Wednesday 29 Aug

We celebrate the success of the sheep loan project!

A few years ago, the team in Central Asia was approached to partner in a sheep loan project to support farmers living under the poverty line. As foreigners are rarely allowed into these villages, the team felt privileged to be offered the opportunity and gratefully accepted. 

We celebrate the success of this project! Previously, many farmers were unable to generate adequate income through farming and were forced to seek work in the city. Through the project, farmers are lent sheep in order to produce lambs which they can sell. For many, this new income source means they can remain with their families in the villages. One particular farmer, who only had a primary school education, received training and after being lent eight ewes, produced 21 lambs. The income generated was enough to pay for his daughter’s university tuition. Through the project, this farmer and others are given the opportunity to upskill and improve their family’s situation in a real and long-term way. 

Thank God for the transformative impact this project has had on whole communities and pray that this will open more opportunities for the team to engage with people in their need and build meaningful and life-changing relationships.   « Back to News