Deep Conversations - South East Asia

Tuesday 29 Sep

God is opening opportunities for deep conversations of faith and life. 

Intercultural Workers Daz and Bee live in South East Asia and spend time connecting with their community and running a cafĂ© employing local staff. As they engage with people, they look for opportunities to have spiritual conversations in which they can  listen to their local friends and share about their faith  in Jesus.

Bee shares that they are often thrown into deep conversations, “There are times here when we are so thankful for our theological training. Last week Daz was asked if he believed that the God of Muslims is the same God as ours? Thankfully, Daz had already pondered this question in great depth during one of his assignments, so was already prepared with a carefully considered answer.

Also, recently in one of our online language sessions Mrs N asked us whether we thought faith alone is enough? Or do we have a responsibility to work as well? We had been looking at a verse in the Quran with her for our session that day. Our conversation was very insightful, and Daz was able to share from James 2 that the good things we do for others proves our faith in God. Mrs N was so excited that there was a verse in the Bible that spoke to this so clearly. The verse she shared from her book was a perfect bridge to point to the one who saves. What a privilege and joy it is to be able to speak on behalf of Jesus in these precious moments.”

Pray for continuing conversations about Jesus and  that God’s Spirit will be at work through Daz and Bee as they share. « Back to News