"We Could Never be Anything Different" - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 17 Aug

Mel's seeing the cultural barriers hindering K people from following Jesus.

"I recently attended a church service in English. This service was attended by two local young woman who were hoping to improve their English. I spoke with them afterwards and ended up catching the same bus home with one of the young woman, Georgia.

As I was talking with Georgia, I asked how she had started coming along to the church. She explained that she was part of the majority faith, as her family had always been, but she seen a poster for a Christmas Eve service last year and decided to attend as a way of improving her English. She explained how much she had enjoyed the service—singing songs, feeling welcomed by everyone, having a chance to improve her English.

Georgia has continued to attend the church almost every weekend since. When I asked Georgia what it would mean for someone from her culture to follow Jesus, she answered:

'We never could. My whole family is from the majority faith and we could never be anything different.'

Some of my other local, believing friends have shared similar conversations they have heard. Statements like:

'My friend would like to come back to church, but her parents have forbidden her,'

and, 'My friend has heard the good news and wants to follow Jesus, but her Aunt says she will not be part of the family if she does.'

As I am learning more about the culture of the K people, it is becoming clearer and clearer that family and community are extremely important to them. Identifying as part of the majority faith is also a big part of their identity and sense of belonging within their community.

In this community, choosing to follow a different way can have significant impacts on family, relationships, job opportunities and a persons health and financial situation.

Please pray for Georgia and these other local women who are seeking the Son. Ask God to continue to reveal the truth to them and pray that they may have courage and wisdom to discern how to follow the Jesus in their own distinctive ways, within their culture and community." - Mel, Team Member in the Silk Road Area

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