Emerging Communities - Silk Road Area

Tuesday 14 Sep

God is breaking through in surprising and exciting ways!

"Anna, a K believer, met Lily through a mutual friend last year and invited her to join the newly formed ‘Sunday tea’ club - a gathering of K believers and seekers. Lily’s son Sam, who’s in his mid-20s, has brittle bone disease and life has been a struggle for many years. 

So when Anna gave them a copy of the Bible in the K language, they spent time reading and engaging with the story. When Anna followed up with the pair a couple of months later she asked, “Have you read the book? Have you accepted Jesus?” The answer came, “Yes!” And Lily began attending Anna’s ‘Sunday tea’ club. Sometimes Anna and another friend go to visit Lily and Sam at their house. 

“I’m very happy,” Anna says. “It had been eight months since our group started and some people came but didn’t really believe. Their hearts weren’t true. But women like Lily, they are real.”

About a month later, Anna sent through photos on WhatsApp of what looked like a day trip to a nearby tourist attraction. A believer from the city had found a minibus, gathered a number of believers from across the country, plus Anna, Lily and Sam, and taken the group for a day trip to a magnificent canyon. It had long been Sam’s dream to visit the canyon before his body could no longer manage such an outing. 

Here was the body of Christ coming together to admire God’s creation and bless a mother and her son through fellowship and the fulfilment of a dream. What a privilege to sit on the sidelines and watch the Holy Spirit at work!

Our faithful partners and supporting churches have joined with our family and team many times over the past 12 months to kneel in prayer for Anna and her family. 

Together we prayed when her husband abused her, when she was desperately ill, when she started her ‘Sunday tea’ club, and together we praised God for the safe arrival of her sixth baby in January.

What a joy to be in this together, as we follow the Spirit’s leading to support the establishment of new K faith communities in this village and, hopefully, beyond."
- Eliza, Team Leader of the Silk Road Area team

This is a shortened version of an article in the latest Resonate magazine. Read the full article and others here: www.globalinteraction.org.au/Resonate   « Back to News