Everyday Alongsiders - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 08 Mar

Eliza and David share some snapshots of how they are living as alongsiders each day.

"It’s been a pleasure to welcome ‘Christy’ back to the team of English teachers at our English Centre. After going on maternity leave a couple of years ago, she has slotted back into the work really easily. Ethnically Christy is of a neighbouring culture, but sees the need to speak the K language for the sake of her K students. The humility she demonstrates is really encouraging and counter cultural. 

Together with our other teacher ‘Dilia’, we have rich discussions about how to best serve our students. But the wrestling with stories from the Bible about Jesus are the highlight of the week… Why did He not turn the stones into bread? Do his words have power? Is it easier to turn water into wine or to heal someone? 

Please keep petitioning on behalf of these two women, that the Spirit would continue to draw them towards the Father. Please also pray for their husbands.David and the boys continue to play basketball with Christy’s husband ‘Ryan’. May the husbands of these two women notice what’s happening in their lives and not be offended by it, but be intrigued and drawn to the Son themselves.

Anna, our K believing friend, moved to a village closer to the city with her children last year. We visited her in January. She continues to cycle through family stress, which prompts ill health. 

May God show us how to connect with and support a different K believer here in our village who may be able to take over from Anna as the leader of the ‘Sunday tea group’.

Eliza and Caitlyn attended a neighbour’s 40-day baby party last week. Apart from the salad made from offal, the spread was delicious! Eliza was given the honour of trimming the baby girl’s finger nail, part of the tradition of celebrating a new baby. It’s important to also give three blessings, as water is ladled out of one dish into another. Pray that this baby girl will come to know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour." - David and Eliza, Silk Road Area team members « Back to News