Exploring God's Word - Malawi

Wednesday 12 Apr

Yawo women explore the story of the Prodigal Son.

Mel meets with a group of women each week to explore Bible stories and share life. Recently Mel had prepared a session related to the story of the Prodigal Son. However, as they began to go through the story together, it became clear that the key themes the Yawo women took from the story were different from what Mel had prepared.

For the Yawo women the story was about parenting, while Mel had highlighted repentance and rebellion. Even the pigs were not seen as real pigs to the Yawo women, but rather were understood to represent the evil spirits of anger, hate and fear. Had the story continued, the Yawo women believed that the older brother, consumed with jealousy, would have ended up with the ‘pigs’, haunted by the evil spirits. 

There was a good discussion and the Yawo women took lessons from the story. For Mel, it was a reminder once again of the importance of recognising her own cultural worldview as she grows in her understanding of the Yawo. Praise God for the way He speaks through His word into all cultures.  « Back to News