Thursday 01 Sep

​Catherine arrived home one evening to find her friends Maly and Sokchea patiently sitting and waiting for her.

Standing up to go inside, they informed her that the landlord had fixed her front door during the day. When they entered, fine wood dust from the sanding and repairs had settled over the floor and other things in the room. 

Maly and Sokchea looked at the floor, which is where they were all about to sit and told Catherine to go and have a shower so they could deal with everything else. As Catherine protested, Sokchea smiled and said, “When we talk about Jesus, we talk about how He showed people to help look after one another. Now we are looking after you!”

Praise God that Maly and Sokchea are growing in their faith and displaying Christ’s character in the way they live. Pray for courage for them to share their love for Jesus with their friends and family and that more Khmer people will decide to follow Jesus. « Back to News