Tuesday 01 Dec

Dreams of Jesus lead Mrs R to put her faith in Him

Mrs R is a student at a local university who got to know one of her classmates who is a believing staff member of the Education Foundation in South East Asia. This local staff member had been praying for Mrs R and sharing the Gospel with her. Our team then needed some new language nurturers at the foundation so Mrs R applied for a position and was accepted.

Mrs R started helping two of our intercultural workers with the national language and they began sharing the Good News with her through stories of the prophets in the Bible. She grew more interested and attentive during the team’s weekly devotion times.  Then one night she started having dreams about Jesus and realised He was the true Saviour and decided to place her faith in Him.  She immediately told her husband, who became angry with her however she remained firm.

Join Mrs R and the team in South East Asia in praying for her husband to also come to faith. She is the first known believer within her extended family and local IS community. « Back to News