Faith Grows in the Midst of Challenges - Cambodia

Wednesday 09 Aug

Mrs S continues to praise God.

Scott and Janelle regularly visit their Khmer friends Mr D and Mrs S who live in a nearby rural area. Both Mr D and Mrs S have professed faith in Jesus. Scott and Janelle continue to journey with them as Mr D and Mrs S seek to learn more about God and grow in their faith. Scott and Janelle pray with them, encouraging Mr D and Mrs S to trust in God and look to Him for their hope. As they go about their day, Mr D and Mrs S both enjoy listening to the Bible and worship songs.

Mrs S has recurrent episodes of illness with her mental and physical health fluctuating. When unwell, Mrs S is unable to get out of bed. On these days, she chooses to use her time reading the Bible and singing songs of praise. 

Thank God that Mr D and Mrs S have chosen to follow Jesus and pray that their faith will continue to grow. Pray also for complete healing for Mrs S and boldness as they share their newfound faith with their family and community. « Back to News