Faith Over Fear - South East Asia

Wednesday 15 May

Dave shares a remarkable story of faith in the face of suffering.

"'Alice' is one of the women we've been working with for many years now. She's from a Muslim background and a few years ago she began to show an interest in following Jesus, the One who Lives. We journeyed with her and after some time, she came to a point of committing her life to Jesus.

Alice was widowed at a young age and had two young boys. In the area where she lived, many people offer sacrifices to a powerful demonic spirit. But when Alice made her commitment to Jesus, she decided that she would no longer give offerings to this demonic spirit.

After a period of time this spirit actually appeared to her and threatened her and said, “If you will not sacrifice to me, you and your children will suffer.” But Alice said “No, I will not do it.” Sure enough, within a day or two she began to become very ill and so did her sons. In her distress, she contacted us and asked us to pray for her in the name of Jesus. We quickly began praying.

Her family saw what was going on and said to her, “Look, you just have to sacrifice to this spiritual being.” But Alice said, “No, I won't. I refuse to do it.” She and her sons continued to suffer for a few days. Finally, the Lord Jesus stepped in and ended that period of suffering.

Now you can imagine the impact that this miraculous healing had on her and her family. After that period of opposition, her faith grew significantly. Not only that, but it had a huge impact on her family because they witnessed her suffering, and they couldn't believe her level of commitment and courage.

One of the ongoing effects from that period of time is that her family has started coming to her when they face periods of suffering or sickness. They come to her and ask her to pray for them in the name of Jesus, the One she has put her faith in. And praise God that over the years, she’s seen one family member after another come to faith in Jesus! Her extended family is being transformed in remarkable ways.

Spiritual warfare is a big part of life here. Many people wear charms as rings or amulets. They are seeking to gain power in ways that will bring blessing to them or protect them from evil spirits. But we are teaching the new followers in Jesus that He is above all of those powers and that we can put our faith in Him. Please continue to pray for Alice, the local believers and our team here."

This story has been shared by Dave as part of our May Mission Month Mending! series. Explore more Mending! resources here >>

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