Finding Common Ground - Central Asia

Wednesday 08 Nov

A local festival and legend sparks conversation.

There was recently a local festival which focuses on sacrifice. When Kevin spoke with an H friend about the festival, they both agreed that sacrifice was needed for forgiveness. Through their conversation, Kevin had the opportunity to share about Jesus’ sacrifice. 

The city Kevin lives has a legend of bird. After she was killed, her blood sustained the people and she rose again after ninety-nine years. Speaking about this legend, prompted another opportunity for Kevin to share with this H friend about how after Jesus was killed, He rose again three days later. The conversation continued with Kevin’s friend speaking about the bird symbolising being ‘re-born’ and Kevin sharing Jesus’ words of being ‘born again’. Both Kevin and his H friend were struck by the parallels of their two stories. 

Thank God for the opportunities Kevin had to share about Jesus with this H man and pray that Kevin would continue to find common ground which sparks deep conversations. Pray also, that the message of Jesus that Kevin shared with his H friend, will transform his heart and be more than just a story to him.     

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