Finding Treasure - South East Asia

Wednesday 10 Oct

Two people find the greatest treasure.

In Matthew chapter 13, there two short parables that Jesus uses to illustrate what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. He tells of two people finding treasure. The first person unexpectedly finds treasure in a field, then sells their possessions in order to purchase the field and in turn, own the treasure. The second person is a merchant seeking out fine pearls. In finding one of great value, the merchant sells their possessions and buys the pearl. These two different people illustrate how some find the treasure of the Kingdom after a period of searching and seeking, and others find it unexpectedly, without even looking for it. However, upon finding it, both kinds of people must choose to respond.   

In South East Asia, Dave and Caz have had the joy of witnessing local people meeting Jesus in the two different ways outlined in the passage. They write “Mr H had been on a search for years. His soul hungered for more. When he found the treasure of the Kingdom, he gladly surrendered his past goals to commit himself to that Kingdom. Mrs I in contrast was just trying to make it through life one day at a time when the Spirit unexpectedly compelled her to engage in a conversation with Caz, which led to her finding a treasure she didn’t know existed. With great joy she has embraced this treasure, along with the cost.”  « Back to News