Following the Same God - Thailand

Wednesday 03 May

An Ethnic Thai women chooses to follow Jesus and be baptised. 

Last year one of the Ethnic Thai faith community leaders, Long, married Min. It had been his prayer for several years to be married and the team joined him in this prayer. Min and Long’s wedding was a significant event as it was the first wedding of a believer from the faith community. While Min was on her own spiritual journey and supportive of Long’s faith, she had not made a decision towards Jesus when they got married. She had grown up in a village where she had heard the name of Jesus, but had never had the opportunity to understand who He was. 

Over the past year, Min has formed good relationships with the team and they have taken many opportunities to share the message of Jesus with her and show His love to her. Recently she came to faith and made the decision to follow the same God as Long and be baptised. It’s amazing to hear her share how her life holds more meaning now that she knows Jesus.

Pray for Long and Min as they lead a faith community in Thailand and that many more will take a journey to experience the transforming power of Jesus. « Back to News