Freedom - Thailand

Wednesday 10 Jul

An Ethnic Thai man has found freedom and joy in following Jesus.

Nan Tong comes from a community where less than 2% of people identify as followers of Jesus. This means that it is unlikely he would have heard the message of God from an Ethnic Thai person he trusted. 

As with the majority of Ethnic Thai people, Nan Tong was Buddhist and he even trained as a Buddhist Monk. A Global Interaction intercultural worker connected with Nan Tong and as their friendship grew, they began discussing the differences between Buddha and Jesus. For Nan Tong, life as a monk was steeped in a tradition of works; hard work, good works, obedient and sacrificial works. He firmly believed these works would earn him merit and help him gain favour with Buddha.

As his friendship with the Global Interaction intercultural worker developed, their conversations deepened. They spoke about Jesus and Buddha, faith and works. By God’s grace, Nan Tong accepted that salvation only comes through Jesus and in this knowledge Nan Tong found freedom and joy! The burden of endless works was lifted and he was free to love and follow Jesus as the leader of his life!

Thank God for the transformation of Nan Tong's life and for placing him in the path of a believer who shared Jesus with him. 
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