Friends Reunited - Cambodia

Wednesday 25 Jul

After time in Australia, Catherine reconnects with Khmer friends.

From team member Catherine:
Having recently returned to Cambodia, I continue to be excited in reconnecting with friends. Catching up with Srey Mom and her family, I hear stories and see how they are growing together. Srey Mom’s little boy, Seyha, who was not yet one when I returned to Australia, is now over two years old, trying to copy his older brother, and generally sporting a very cheeky grin.

My Khmer friends explore truth, justice and peace for their lives and for their country. Together we share rice, conversations and laughter. We talk about what it was like for me to be back in Australia, and what it is like for me to be here again. They share stories of the Khmer New Year they spent with their families, and a trip on a train, which was a first for their parents. I am so thankful that in the midst of all that has been in the past year and a bit, the roots of these relationships have held and that I am able to be a part of the lives of these women again. « Back to News