Sunday 01 Nov

Channy has no doubts that God is real

Intercultural Worker Janelle became friends with Channy. She was interested in understanding more about Jesus so began to meet with Janelle for a coffee each week. She asked many questions about God and Jesus and eternal life. She also watched movies that depict stories from the Bible, and after she received a Bible she began reading it from the beginning.

Janelle began to pray with Channy, asking God to reveal Himself to her. God answered their prayers in ways that gave Channy no doubt that He was real and the one true God. Channy accepted Jesus and is filled with peace and glowing with joy. She has been transformed in a way that is obvious to others.

Pray for Channy as she learns to worship Jesus in her culture and shares her newfound faith with her friends. Remember Janelle and the team in Cambodia as they deepen friendships with their Khmer friends. « Back to News