The Right Foundations - South East Asia

Wednesday 08 Feb

God, is this the next step you are calling us to?

Daz and Bee are establishing a new cafe ministry platform in South East Asia. Here they share about the questions they are asking at each step. 

Bee and Daz write, "Laying good foundations - as any builder will know - is key to the longevity and sustainability of any building or structure. This is the picture that God gave us for the new social enterprise cafe we are establishing here in South East Asia: A brick wall and a Spirit level.

We could have rushed into opening a new cafe ASAP after the closure of the previous one, but it was important for us to learn from our previous experience and take those learnings and apply them to this new venture. We have really felt God impressing on us the importance of getting the foundations of this new ministry true and level. He is our Spirit Level.

With each process, task, interaction and dream. With each brick laid we need to stop, take a moment and check... Is this right? Is this in line with what God is already doing here? Does this bring Him honour and glory? Is this what He called us to? Is this going to expand His Kingdom? Are we operating with integrity?

These are the questions we are asking every step of the way. This business is not about us and what we can achieve, it is about Him and what He will achieve. He is inviting us to join Him.

We have received all our permissions, and are now working hard to prepare a well thought through business plan and model. We are praying and waiting on God to direct us to the right staff and leadership team for the cafe and are trusting Him to provide all our financial needs. This all takes time! We know He is directing our path, and we trust that He is with us each step of the way."
  • Pray for the provision of a good and reliable contractor to do the renovations at the new cafe
  • Pray for God to lead Daz and Bee to the right people to form the core leadership team of the cafe
  • Pray for wisdom as they take steps forward in the new cafe ministry
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