God Opens Doors - Thailand

Wednesday 13 Jun

God uses an ordinary situation to spark a conversation. 

On a recent trip to Thailand, Paul reconnected with a friend who trained as a monk and is now a follower of Jesus. This friend, Mr N, shared with Paul an encouraging story of God at work. Mr N lent his laptop to a friend, Ms P, and after a few weeks, he enquired with her about the laptop. “Sorry”, Ms P replied sheepishly, “but when I opened a folder on your computer I found a video and I watched it.” Mr N asked her what she thought of the video and she replied, “I loved it, so I watched them all. Then I invited some friends to watch them too. That’s why I have had the laptop for so long.”  

Mr N told her, “I do need my laptop back, but how about I come over to share about what you saw and maybe show you some others.” The videos that Ms P stumbled across? Resources the team put together for Gospel sharing and leadership training. Paul’s response to his friend’s story was to acknowledge that God is in control and nothing happens by accident.

Praise God for the generosity of Mr N that God used to open the door for Gospel sharing opportunities.

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