Tuesday 01 Mar

Larni seeks advice from Intercultural Worker Bek about her nightmares. 

Scott and Bek live in a rural village in Mozambique. One lunchtime Bek’s Yawo friend Larni arrived at her house. They have been friends for over eight years. Larni believes in Jesus they have spent hours sharing Bible stories, talking through issues and praying together.

Larni was upset and shared that she had been having disturbing dreams of her dead mother visiting her and trying to speak with her. Larni wanted advice as to what she should do. Due to a cultural belief that the dead appear to people who have failed to put them to rest properly, Larni’s family was pressuring her to consult traditional healers about performing rituals at her mother’s grave. As a follower of Jesus she wasn’t keen on performing the rituals yet she desired the dreams to cease and also appease her family. They talked, shared some Bible passages and prayed for God to intervene. Larni told her family that she would pray to God to bring peace and He did.
Pray for Scott and Bek as they walk alongside people like Larni, encouraging them, equipping them with the Word and empowering them to make decisions about how to follow God in their communities. « Back to News