Governance Changes

Wednesday 16 Mar

Scott reports on recent Board and governance changes. 

As we implement our Strategic Roadmap, we have moved to our new name of Baptist Mission Australia and changed our governance structure.

The change is one of numerous shifts our organisation has made in its governance model over our long history. In different times and seasons, Board members have discerned the Spirit’s leading for the best governance model to serve our Kingdom vision. 

Strategies, structures and governance models are only vehicles to pursue our vision and ultimately that is what we are all about at Baptist Mission Australia. 

We want to be attentive to what God’s Spirit is saying. We want to be a discerning mission community. A “Come Holy Spirit” community.

It is in this light, that at our last Global Interaction Board meeting the decision was made unanimously to transition our organisation to a national company structure. This move was made after a time of intentional discernment, with good legal advice and is aligned with our 2021-2025 Strategic Roadmap. Our leadership sees this is the best fit for a national faith-based organisation.

In the coming months the new Baptist Mission Australia company will be formalised. We also have plans to establish the Baptist Mission Australia Foundation, with PBI status.

These two companies will be overseen by the same Board providing governance and strategic oversight as we pursue our vision of vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways.

Our March board meeting was the final meeting for three retiring members, Ken Clendinning, Mandy Fairbank and David Moyes. 

As a mission community we are thankful to God for Ken’s long and dedicated service with our organisation, including the leadership he has provided over the past two years as Chair. He has pastorally guided the Board and supported the leadership during a time of significant transition. 

We also greatly appreciate the service of Mandy from SA and David from Qld. Both have made a valuable contribution to the Board and our wider mission community and have championed our vision among churches and supporters.  

Five current Board members will continue to serve as the new Baptist Mission Australia directors. These are Beth Jackson [NSW], Surette Southwood [Vic], Hany Messieh [Vic], Trevor Harvey [WA] and Scott Pilgrim [Executive Director]. In time up to four more directors can be added to the Board.

Please pray for our continuing Board members and the discernment process to nominate new members of the Board.

With our name and governance changes, one good question that has been regularly asked is: “What will this mean for our intercultural workers on the ground, particularly in secure locations?”

The short answer is it will mean no difference at all, as our teams in secure locations already serve under different entity names and project and visa platforms. And we are intentionally seeking to ensure greater levels of security for our workers in sensitive areas. 

On the flip side we see the opportunity for the Baptist Mission Australia Foundation to support more projects with tax deductible giving.

I am grateful when people ask the security question, as it highlights the level of care and interest in our workers. And our Board celebrates the commitment, generosity and dedication of our partners. 

I am also available for any of our partners to email me to ask more about the governance changes or other questions in regard our Strategic Roadmap. 

Together, our people, our partners here in Australia and our mission partners across the world, unite together knowing that it is only Jesus who can make all things new! « Back to News