Thursday 01 Oct

Ami now regards scared and wrinkled working hands as beautiful.

Thailand Intercultural Worker Cathy teaches English to a student called Ami. Ami was curiously looking at the scars on Cathy’s hand following a recent dog bite. Cathy explained her hand was healing well but laughingly said that she would probably never be a hand model! Ami proceeded to tell Cathy that she used to regard the hands of hard-working people like farmers and old people as ugly but as she’d grown older, she had gained a new appreciation for those who have ‘heavily used’ hands. Ami now regarded working hands as beautiful, as those hands covered in dirt, scars or wrinkles represented love, hard work and sacrifice for the ones they loved.

As Ami was sharing this, the Holy Spirit nudged Cathy to share the story of the most beautiful, yet broken pair of hands that she knows – those of Jesus Christ. Please pray that the significance of this story will take root in Ami’s heart as she continues to hear Bible stories.

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