Heart Knowledge - Thailand

Wednesday 17 Jul

The Word of God speaks to an Ethnic Thai woman's heart. 

Team member Petina shares a story of God at work:

"‚ÄčKruu has had a close association to most of our team for over ten years, including being the language nurturer for most of us at one time or another. Over the years, through spending time with her during our language lessons and socially, we have formed a close friendship with her and her family. Many different workers have had opportunities to share Bible stories with her and to pray for Kruu and her family, particularly concerning her health.

At the start of June we held a Thanksgiving Service where two faith communities came together to thank God for His goodness and blessing over the previous year. I invited Kruu to come and she happily received the invitation. After Muana shared from the Bible, time was left open for people to share what they were thankful to God for. To everyone’s surprise Kruu was the first to share!
She shared how she knew God was looking after her during her health issues and was thankful to Him for this. She continued to talk about the fact that her father had been given a Bible and that she regularly read it to him. She testified that she knew God was present with her when she read the Bible and knows God is at work in her life now.
Later that night she spoke to Carolyn and shared that when she reads the Bible, she knows she receives wisdom and knowledge… but not only a head knowledge, a deep heart knowledge. Praise God for the work He has been doing in Kruu’s life and pray that she will continue to seek him."

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