Heart Transformation - Thailand

Wednesday 03 Apr

A local believer shares her story. 

Mae Ran is an Ethnic Thai believer. Her testimony is one of heart transformation. God placed Global Interaction intercultural workers in her path and through their friendship, Mae Ran met Jesus. Here, in her own words, Mae Ran shares her testimony.

“My name is Mae Ran. I have two sons and I live with my husband and in-laws. I am a farmer. Everyday I work in the field or the home garden. Before I knew God a lady came and helped my Dad when he was sick. She kept my Dad company and cared for him. I was impressed... why did she help us even though we were not related? Before I knew God, my life was very, very bad. I had a lot of anger and hate for people. But God made me accept them and I have no more hate toward them. His love is even for my enemies. We cannot forget the teachings of Jesus. He told us to love and forgive one another. No matter were we are, He will be with us always.”

This is an excerpt from Episode 1 of the ‘Grow where you’re planted, sow where He calls’ video series produced by Global Interaction. You can view the full inspiring video here: www.globalinteraction.org.au/MMMvideos
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