"How Do I Get That Joy?" - Mozambique

Wednesday 10 Feb

Scott and Bek share how God is moving through their conversations.

'How do I get that joy?'
'Can we still have the peace that Jesus had when he was on Earth?'
"These are two of the questions we've been asked recently by friends as we’ve been talking with people about the different attributes that people both have and grow in as God works in our lives. We've talked about joy, peace, patience and faithfulness. We've sought to understand better how people define, view and experience these things in their lives here. And deeper spiritual conversations have occurred by simply asking questions, listening and being prepared to share the hope we have and what God is saying through His Word. 
It might seem easy to separate what God asks of us here, from those of you in other places around the world - but really it's not so different. We're no more gifted or special than any of you (probably less so in many areas!). Yes, the rhythm and tasks of daily life might vary, but when it comes to loving those around us and sharing God's hope, it's much the same. Being present, listening well, having humility, showing love, investing in relationships, and being willing and prepared to share God's story both through His Word and our lives. These are things that God calls each of us to do."
- Scott and Bek, Intercultural Workers in Mozambique
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