In Every Season - Cambodia

Tuesday 02 Jul

Sitting with the Khmer through every season.  

Preparing vegetables for market is often a social activity for Khmer women. They sit together, preparing the produce they have grown and share their joys and sorrows. It was in this space that Deb first met Mrs M. Initially she was very reserved towards Deb and reluctant to interact with her, however over time Mrs M slowly warmed to Deb.

In a country where the birth rate is very healthy, and becoming pregnant soon after marriage is expected, women who cannot conceive experience significant cultural shame. When Deb met Mrs M, she had been married for three years without becoming pregnant and the pain had led her to withdraw from society and not participate in important cultural events. 

Over many months, Deb invested in her relationship with Mrs M, sharing Bible stories, listening to Mrs M and letting her know she was praying for her. Deb witnessed a transformation in Mrs M. She began to blossom, smiling inside and out. Flash forward to May this year, and Mrs M has welcomed a baby into her family. 

Deb prays that as she, Rob and the whole team sit alongside their Khmer friends in every season of life, God’s love will be revealed. « Back to News