It All Begins with a Conversation

Wednesday 02 Aug

​Whether sitting in a village in Malawi, a yurt on the Silk Road or a temple in Thailand, it always begins with a conversation.

In a busy city café in South East Asia, as staff talk about new skills and customer service, the conversation often turns to important questions of life.Global Interaction team member and café manager, Wanda, is in the conversation using the local language. She is the only follower of Jesus that some of the Muslim staff know.

In another part of the bustling city, Wanda’s husband, Andy is included in conversations about life and faith as he mobilises teams of local Muslims to better care for God’s creation. The locals are often surprised that a Christian would have an interest in looking after God’s creation. As they talk, trust is built and people hear of Jesus in a positive way for the first time in their lives.

It’s early days in some places, but slowly and surely in least-reached communities across the world, where Global Interaction works, barriers are being broken down and relationships are being built. Hope is replacing fear as local people have a life transforming encounter with Jesus. But there is much to do…

Thank God for the conversations of hope our intercultural teams are having and pray that many more people will respond to God's call to serve among the the multitudes who are yet to know Jesus. 

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