It's Always God - Cambodia

Wednesday 20 Nov

Kim reflects on how God is always the one who makes things happen!

"We recently moved into a house in a village on the outskirts of town. We had a beautiful house in town before, but we knew that if we wanted to position ourselves to be more effective we needed to move somewhere where we could walk more in relationship with our neighbours. Before we moved into the house we had a small ceremony of dedication with our teammates and some local friends. As part of the dedication we sang ‘He is the King of Kings’ while the children did laps around the house. At the time it seemed almost silly, but nevertheless it was a declaration that Jesus is in fact King of our household.

Recently our new landlord dropped in for a visit. She began to talk about the house we are renting and said that when she began building it she had a dream. In that dream she saw herself building the house for a king and when it was finished the king moved into the house. What an opportunity to share with her that there is in fact a King who wants to establish His Kingdom in all of our hearts.
Isn’t God amazing! It is so exciting for us to be here and watch what God does. It is always God who works things according to His purpose and it is always Him who knocks on hearts, who reveals Himself in dreams and visions and it is always Him who is glorified in our lives when we proclaim Him as our King."
This is a condensed version of Intercultural Worker Kim's article in Resonate magazine. You can read the full article on page 2 of edition 34 here (view online) or here (printable PDF).
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