Wednesday 07 Dec

For 20 years, Ian and Wendy served in Malawi.

Now based in Australia, Ian returns to Malawi throughout the year as he continues the English-Ciyawo dictionary project. On these trips he also spends time with Yawo friends and faith leaders. He recently had the opportunity to join the weekly group of Yawo believers and faith community leaders that meet with Tim. Together, they studied the Bible and shared their own faith stories. Good discussions took place as they grappled with what the Bible story meant for them in their context.

It was so encouraging for Ian to see two village leaders taking part in the group, including Mr S, a good friend of Ian’s whom he shared Jesus with. Praise God that these Yawo believers are growing in their faith and understanding of God. Pray for Tim as he disciples these men and journeys through life with them.  « Back to News