Listening to the Word of God - Thailand

Friday 01 Apr

Talks on MP3 players spread the story of God's love amongst our friends in Thailand.

It is always encouraging to see how people’s lives have been touched through listening to God’s Word. Our workers in Thailand have distributed talks in the local language on MP3 players to some of their friends. Some of them listen to the talks while they are working in the fields. They are an effective tool for people who have never heard the story of God’s love.

Our team is delighted and encouraged to see that one of their local friends Pa Fian, a widow they have been praying for, received an MP3 player with enthusiasm. She feels much better after listening to the Word of God and is sharing this with her friends. Our team has invited her to their Friday house church and we pray that God will continue to reveal Himself to her and to many more people like her.  « Back to News