Looking to Jesus - South Asia

Friday 01 Apr

Selem faces an uncertain future but he copes with his tough life by looking to Jesus.

Selem is the oldest son in a family who became followers of Jesus through our ministry in South Asia. Morris has known him since he was young. Selem started a small business and got married. Sadly their son was born with a disability and has been bedridden since birth. A few years later his wife died so his mother had to help care for his son so that he could work in the city. Due to the stigma associated with disability, Selem has not been able to remarry and is not in the city enough to develop his business. He faces an uncertain future as he does not have any family to look after him in his old age. 
Morris recently asked him how he copes with his tough life. Selem replied “many times I thought I will go mad. Looking to Jesus and relating to his suffering has kept me sane.”

Our team in South Asia has partnered with a local NGO and have employed a man to support and empower people with disabilities and address the enormous needs of this community.  
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