Active Love - Thailand

Tuesday 25 Oct

Stories of God's love being shared.

Jit and Jan are incredibly passionate and faithful long-term team members in Thailand. They work with people with disabilities and their families, advocating for them, offering transport to appointments, facilitating therapy, sourcing necessary equipment and so much more! They do all this in Jesus’ name.

Here, they share a the stories of a few young people they are journeying with.

“One young man has quadriplegia from a motorcycle accident. He always greets us with smiles and enjoys the visits from both the Shalom Home Care team and our Lanternlight team. Both teams have the opportunity to encourage his growing faith and he has now said that he would like to be baptised during the Christmas celebrations.

Jit is discipling him as he prepares for this step. Pray for his spiritual growth as well as for his determination to continue physiotherapy.

There are currently two children with a club foot in our network. Unfortunately accessing treatment presents different challenges. Surgery is far away, and travel options are not simple. Additionally, one of the children’s Mums is scared of the surgery and their father has deserted them.

The boy is only four months old, so regular plaster casts will correct his club feet, but that requires regular access to the city hospital, which is very challenging. Pray with us as we try to find a way for these kids to have free-walking futures.

One of the other children has profound hearing loss. Initially she was so shy with us that we got no response. We took her to one hospital where they thought she had zero hearing, but then we took her to another where they decided a hearing aid could help a little. Since early August she has been at the deaf school and she is enjoying her self and learning sign language very quickly.

Give thanks for the opportunities we have to share our lives with the community and bring light and hope into the lives of those with disabilities. Pray that God’s love will be experienced through our words and actions.- Jit and Jan, Thailand

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