Friday 01 Aug

A local believer shares his hope with the disabled community.

Sem* has worked at Global Interaction’s partner NGO in South Asia since 2008. He is from the local Muslim community and has become a follower of Jesus through the morning study time and the relationships he has built with staff members. Sem is also one of the estimated 16 million people in South Asia living with a disability. However, unlike many people with a disability in South Asia, Sem is not a beggar; he has a job, he is happily married to an able-bodied wife, which is rare, and he has a son.

Sem is helping to provide disability awareness seminars to communities which benefit from the NGO’s development activities. He is passionate about encouraging disabled children and their parents, providing information about available services and educating them about their rights. Through this work he will help these children and families thrive and have opportunities to share the hope of Jesus.

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