Praying for Protection - Malawi

Wednesday 14 Aug

Jean-Claude and Joyce pray with their neighbour for protection. 

Since the end of 2018, Jean-Claude and Joyce have been living and serving in Malawi. Here, Jean-Claude shares a story of their neighbour and the power of prayer. 

“Three months ago one of our neighbours, Mama N, who is a Muslim, came to our place around 4pm. She told Joyce and I that she is moving from her place in town, to the village. I asked her the reason and she replied that she is leaving because every night the witches come to her house to harm her family, therefore she does not sleep.

I told her that the only way I can help is by prayer. She was quiet for two minutes upon hearing what I said to her. Then she asked me if it was possible for Joyce and I to go to her place to pray for the protection of her family and her house for one week. I asked Mama N the reason why she wanted us to pray for her family only for one week. She told us that if we accept the invitation to go to her place and pray for her protection, as well as her family, for a week and the witches stop disturbing them, she will not leave the place.

For one week Joyce and I prayed at her place to stop the witches disturbing them. Now Mama N is still living in the same place; she has peace, and also believes that our God - God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - is powerful. Jesus did not say to go and make converts, but to go and make disciples. I do believe that one day God will use Mama N and others to reach out to their own people with love and friendship.” « Back to News