Never Seen Before - Malawi and Mozambique

Wednesday 12 Feb

Team Leader Jonno shares an update of breakthrough after many years. 

"The phrase, “We’ve never seen that before,” has become amazingly common to hear in the past year. We’re seeing a passion for God’s Word that we haven’t seen before. One man shared, “There’s a burning in my heart to hear the Word of God.” There’s a desire to obey the Word of God that we haven’t seen before. After studying Genesis 1, a group of men said, “We will not beat our wives anymore because they are made in the image of God.” There’s an openness to following Jesus that we haven’t seen before. Following the steps of their chief, a group of people all decided to follow Jesus together. We’ve just never seen this before!

After ploughing the ground for seventeen years, at last there’s a sense that the team is in a season of increase… not yet a flood, but increase for sure. Whilst challenges remain, the forward momentum created by the Holy Spirit is overcoming them. One such challenge is the education of our team children. Home-schooling is the necessary choice, but more teachers from Australia would bring an incredible boost to the team and enable our families to ride the roller-coaster of what God is up to for longer. So in 2020, we can’t wait to see all the things that God will do that we’ve never seen before!”
- Jonno, Team Leader for the team in Malawi and Mozambique « Back to News