Praying for the Future - Malawi and Mozambique

Thursday 23 Apr

Jonno and Heather share about compounding challenges the Yawo will face when they encounter Covid-19.

Jonno and Heather have been serving among the Yawo for nearly 20 years, yet as they look ahead to the coming season of Malawi and Mozambique facing Covid-19 they believe it could be the most challenging.

They share, “We don’t know what the impact of the virus will be on a population that is around 15% HIV positive and has health systems that sometimes struggle to provide paracetamol, let alone ventilators. … We can be grateful that Africa lags behind the rest of the world in Covid-19 cases and so has been given a unique opportunity to prepare. How to prepare, then, becomes the question when many people earn money just to buy their food each day. There will be no stimulus package. … Please pray for the health and safety of the Global Interaction families here as well as the Yawo who don’t have a lot of options available to avoid the virus or many options if they get sick.”

Pray with us that the delay in the spread of the virus in Malawi and Mozambique will allow for more to be learnt about Covid-19 and for treatments to be developed. Pray for protection over the intercultural team and wisdom as they discern how to practically support the Yawo community. Pray also that God’s Spirit will move in a new way during this time of uncertainty and fear. « Back to News