Ministry of Presence - Mozambique

Wednesday 27 Apr

Cam meets his friend where he is.

Cam recently walked 10 kilometres to spend time with a Yawo friend, someone that he has been building a relationship with over years. They can talk life.

On this particular day, Cam brought with him a Ciyawo translation of Luke’s Gospel. This man has heard about God, but he wants to know more about Jesus. When Cam arrives to sit down with his friend, he realises that his friend is hard at work making mud bricks to building a new kitchen for a family member.

What does Cam do?

He puts down the Scriptures. He rolls up his sleeves. And he says to his mate, “I’m here to help you.” And together they get their hands dirty with red clay. Together they build bricks to build this new kitchen. Cam shares, “There’s nothing better than two men working together to have a genuine and real conversation about life.” They talk about family and life. Jesus naturally comes into the conversation and this man wants to know more. 

He’s thirsty. He yearns for genuine hope in his life. He wants to be a better husband. 
He wants to be a better father. It’s a different world and a different culture, very far away from us in Australia, but he’s a man with some of the same innate needs that we all live with.

And in this moment, what is Cam doing? Cam is crossing the street. He is meeting his friend where he is. He is getting his hands dirty, building mud bricks to help his friend build a kitchen. And he does it in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for partnering with Cam, Kath and all our team members around the world. Together we are crossing the street in Jesus’ name.

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