Monk to Disciple - Thailand

Wednesday 15 Mar

A former monk responds to the message of Jesus.

Tong met our team over 10 years ago at a community event and enjoyed getting to know our workers. He had been a monk in his youth and had a keen interest in history and faith. When the intercultural workers introduced him to the historical stories in the Bible he was keen to learn and asked questions as they arose. Tong was hesitant to participate in the small faith community at first but he wanted to know more about Jesus so kept attending.

His relationship with Jesus grew deeper and his confidence and love for Him increased. Today this community of faith has grown and Tong humbly serves as one of its leaders and teachers, supported by our intercultural workers. Tong says, “Jesus commands us to love God and love one another. I am committed to following this command and helping our group to share Jesus’ love with our friends around us.” « Back to News