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Wednesday 31 Mar

In this video update, Cam and Kath share how God is opening doors and muddy roads!

Kath and Cam Update - Mozambique from Global Interaction on Vimeo.

"We've been here for over nine years now. And while it would be great to tell stories of vibrant faith communities, we're really still just getting started... heading out to faraway places, and doing the best we can to share with people in a way that makes sense to them. Lately, we've been meeting with a couple in a village about 12 kilometers away.

Cam had been introduced to them by his Chief friend who told him that they were interested in hearing God's word. He's been heading out each week to chat to meet with them and at times share stories. As their relationships have grown, Cam heard about how the couple had initially heard the word of God and decided to follow Jesus after some visits from a local believer. They'd even been baptised, but they were really keen to learn more.

As the wet season set in, it became harder and harder to meet at their home. Babba and Mama (the couple) were spending most days at the farm, weeding and chasing away baboons. The road that Cam had been taking on his motorbike was getting more and more adventurous with each downpour until the remaining logs on the bridge washed away in a storm, and it became impossible.

Cam decided it was time to ditch the motorbike and head out a different way, on his pushbike.  Mama was shocked the first time he arrived, he was so covered in sweat that they thought he'd fallen in the river! They sat together in the heat and ate cassava, two ways, raw and boiled. And then they got out the copy of the Gospel of Luke and began to read and learn together.

Mama and Babba are sharing God's love with their families. And we hope that one day there will be a vibrant community of young people following Jesus in their own distinctive ways in that village, and others. Maybe we'll even still be there when that happens. But in the meantime, we feel truly privileged to be getting muddy and sweaty and lost in the bush, to be making fools of ourselves over and over again. And to be struggling through the difficult times for ourselves and with our friends and trying our best to listen to God.

Thank you so much for your support, your prayers and your encouragement. We most certainly cannot do this alone!"
- Kath and Cam, Intercultural Workers in Mozambique

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